Thing11 - WIKI WIKI WIKI (Again)

Thing 11 would like a link to a self-created wiki. Hmmm, which one to choose... I maintain about 5 of them on wikispaces, but each is open by invite only to keep the riff-raff out.

So - here's one that has been set up just a test. It's for my organization, the Kent Intermediate School District in Grand Rapids. I also have another one at WetPaint.

I have used a few other wiki hosts as well, including WetPaint, PBWiki, and at Google Sites.

The big difference between blogging vs and wiki'ing (I know.. it's not a word - yet), is that wiki's are much more collaborative in nature than a blog. Everyone can edit the wiki but not the blog.

Additionally, I see more (school) organizations OK'ing the use of a wiki versus a blog. The word 'blog' scares the admin folks sometimes. :(


RESA 23Things said...

Which wiki tool do you prefer?

ron said...

I am growing more fond of PBWiki the more I use it. I like the toolbox a bit more than wikispaces.