Thing 10 is a reflection on wiki's, their uses and hurdles of adoption and use.

I really do not see any downside in the use of wiki's in an educational environment. What better way to get people to collaborate! In my daily instructional practice, I use one of 3 classroom wiki's to act as a place where my students can interact with each other, and information from my brain can be stored.

Some of the hurdles at the beginning were getting the wiki site I was using unblocked from the Web(non)sense filter, but after that, I had no problems.

We have been using the wiki for collaboration and as a scheduling tool with members of our advisory committee as well. At the end of each semester we have IT professionals from business and industry perform interviews with our students. In the past the scheduling was done via email (UGH!) and led to many dropped balls and the attempt to heard cats.

After I implemented the wiki as a scheduling tool, all the problems magically melted away.

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