Thing 15 - Google Docs

Microsoft is getting nervous about all of this 'cloud computing', and thing like Google Docs,, and the like. People won't need to buy MS Office anymore for simple word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and presentations.

I'm getting to the point where I am using Google Docs more than I am MS Office, especially because of the convenience of being able to get to my documents from anywhere I have a connection to the 'net.

After introducing it to my students, I noticed a pretty fast adoption rate. They are using it for collaborative projects with their classmates, and also as their defacto word processor. A comment that I hear most often is that they don't have to carry a USB flash drive around, or worry about losing their stuff.

The only downside I have heard is that some of the school districts are blocking the entire domain, which prevents students from using tools that make them more effective, efficient and productive.

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