Thing 14 - Podcasting

The 14th Thing is a reflection on podcasting as a consumer or producer. I am already both of them. I have quite a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis while doing things like mowing the lawn, or riding the stationary bike to nowhere.

As a producer, I have found that many of my students need that extra reinforcement on detailed topics, and podcasts help them out quite a bit. They might be slow to process lectures in class, and need a couple more listens to 'get it'. Additionally, podcasts are great for students that missed a day, or two - so they can catch up with where the class is when they return.

The only obstacles I have found is that I am going through lot's of headphones from Dollar Tree (one of my favorite stores...). The kids use them often to listen to audio in class, and for some reason forget they have them on sometimes as they leave their chairs.

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