Thing 21 - A Series of Tubes

What do you like or dislike about YouTube? Did you find videos that would be useful for teaching and learning? Is YouTube banned in your building?

YouTube, if nothing else, is an Internet phenomena. It's interesting and is a pretty big time waster for adolescent males... but I thin the most important part is that it has given voice to those without one in 'big media'.

YT might be useful in the class for T&L, but within a very narrow scope. I have used several video clips in class to bring things I couldn't do there to the students - like demonstrations of static electricity and hard drive damage, Bluetooth headset hacking, and other tech topics.

YT, like many of the other user-generated video content sites is blocked in my building, and I don't think I would like to see it unblocked. I can just imaging the zombification occurring now...

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